Open water swimming takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers. Swimmers can start on the shore or in the water with a small run onto the land to complete the swim. They are usually 1km, 5km, 10km, or sometimes even longer. Popular events can attract quite a lot of people and in conjunction with the timing of most open water meets, mean that events are often a great social occasion. Open water swimming doesn’t require too much prior knowledge of rules and most new people do not need to be registered with an organisation in order to compete.


The Great Victorian Swim Series is a not for profit “club” promoting fitness, fun, camaraderie & competition among swimmers and supporters of the Victorian open water swim community.  For a small annual registration fee you will receive many benefits while helping to raise funds for Victorian Life Saving Clubs.  Join the GVSS club now!

The Great Victorian Swim Series is brought to you by Cousins Tours and Travel and Light on Landscape. We are grateful for the support of Swimming Victoria and Masters Swimming Victoria .  Most importantly, the series runs alongside  ocean swim events that are all conducted by our hard working and critical Surf Life Saving Clubs and the funds raised from the swims go to keeping our beaches safe.


  1. 16 Dec 18 – WOW Victorian Open Water Championships (GVSS events 1.2k & 2.5k)
  2. 26 Dec 18 – Point Leo Swim Classic 1.2k & 2.5k
  3. 30 Dec 18 – Rip View Swim Classic 1.4k & 3.8k
  4. 05 Jan 19 – Jan Juc Danger 1000 and More Dangerous 2500 – 1k & 2.5k
  5. 13 Jan 19 – Sorrento Bay Swim 2k & 4k
  6. 18 Jan 19 – Mornington Twilight Swim – 1.2k
  7. 20 Jan 19 – Queenscliff 180 – 1km
  8. 26 Jan 19 – Mt Martha Australia Day Swim – 1.2k & 5k
  9. 27 Jan 19 – Ocean Grove Open Water – 1.2k & 2.5k
  10. 10 Feb 19 – Brighton Bathing Box Classic- 1.2k & 2.5k
  11. 24 feb 19 – Jalna Big Bay Swim 3.2k
  12. 02 Mar 19 – HMB Cerberus swim. 1.2k & 2.5k

Check out the Casey Seals Open Water Swim Calendar for a comprehensive list of events here